Shaun Marq in its early stages started in the winter of 2002. As a Fashion Designer, writer, publicist, Interior Designer and karaoke singer, Shaun Marq has been changing the way clients think for almost a decade. “When I started FaceForward (his first business) I was young. Just a highschool kid who payed his dues in the entertainment industry, and was really challenging the way people viewed youth as a business in general. My ideas were unique, and they worked”. 

The business has changed a lot over the years, and has now grown into a parent company where Shaun and his capable team take on clients as family members.

We want them to know that we will take care of them. That when they come to us asking for help, like a parent or a sibling, we take care of them and make sure they are ok to go back into the world. We tend to help them in ways they never thought they needed…kind of like your mom!


March 3rd will mark 9 years for Shaun’s company now called Shaun Marq Inc. where he has 8 subsidiary businesses that include; Shaun Marq the label, B.A.D PR, Chandelier Interiors+Design, Elle et Lui, Elle et Lui kids, Isugrand, Butter Textiles and the newest launch PaperCake, a graphics and web design company . “I can’t wait for the 10 year anniversary of ShaunMarq so I can relax a bit and watch them grow as the businesses take control of themselves. But realistically I know we will all be working even harder at the next big idea, that’s just how it goes.”


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